Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Dab of Learning Fun {FREEBIE}

Kids LOVE using bingo markers {daubers, do a dot markers...whatever you want to call them} so this little packet is the perfect way to get your Littles to practice and review basic skills.
The pages in this packet cover a wide variety of skills so they can be used throughout the year.
Here are a few of the pages that are included.

After I created the packet I decided to make a few more sheets to share with you so that your little ones could have a DAB of learning fun!
You can click on the image below to download the freebies!

One more day and you get to sleep in!!! YAY!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday: You Are (NOT) Small

Two fuzzy creatures can't agree on who is small and who is big, until a couple of surprise guests show up, settling it once and for all!  This book is great for teaching concepts such as opposites and size.  It also points out that size is relative because in this book it's all about who is standing next to

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Covers for Math Binders

Thanks so much for all of the positive feedback on our math units!  Deedee and I really appreciate it!  We've been asked by many of you to create some covers that can be used when you put multiple math units in one binder.  So here they are!  The spine labels were made for 3" binders.  We gave you labels for 4 binders.  You can spread the units out over 3 or 4 binders depending on your personal preference.  Click on the image above to download the binder covers.

We will create covers for the writing units as well and add them here tomorrow.
Have a great Sunday y'all!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday: Nonfiction books and Jack Hartmann!!!

Before we get to Book Talk Tuesday I have some EXCITING news.  Jack Hartmann has been working with me to create songs and videos for some of my units.  How cool is that?
We just added his new Frog Life Cycle video to my Frog unit.  So if you are one of the sweet people who have already purchased the unit head on over and download the video that goes with it.  It shows actual real life footage of a frog's life cycle. You can click on the cover below to check it out.

He is working on songs for my upcoming units; Five Little Monkeys and The Lady with the Alligator Purse.  So.Excited!!!
A huge thank you to Mel from Graphics from the Pond for the graphic of Jack and I.

Okay, so on with Book Talk Tuesday.  

50% of what we read in our classroom should be nonfiction.  
Therefore, it's important for us to find books that are at the appropriate level and will hold the interest of kinder & first grade students.  I love all of the nonfiction books by Pebble Plus because they have great pictures, just a few sentences on each page, and even you reluctant readers will love "reading" the books by using their schema and the pictures in the book.

Whenever I start a new unit I always do a schema chart with the kids BEFORE we read because I want to know what they already know about a topic.  Here's the schema chart we created about frogs before we read the book.

Note:  I do my frog unit in the spring.  :)  
If you need some great nonfiction books for Fall check out the following books by Pebble Plus.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  If you have a great book you'd like to share please considering linking up!
If you don't have a blog you can still share by using the comment section below.
Have a great four day week!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Whatcha doin'?

I love reading the Currently's that Farley hosts because I am nosy by nature and I love to know what everyone else is thinking and doing!  So, I'm linking up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade to let you know what I'm Currently thinking about.

I'm working in my office and listening to one of my favorite bands (I have so many faves though!)
Big Daddy Weave is definitely in the top...right up there with Bon Jovi..two different genres of music but love them both!
This is the song that is playing as I type.

I'm LOVING Kid Writing!  Ha!  My three sweet grandbabies were here for the long weekend and we cut a Uhaul wardrobe box to make them a little Toy Shop/Cafe and they played in that thing for hours.
This is MacKenzie (5) working the counter.  :)

and here's the menu which brings me to Kid Writing.  Let me help you out.
Would you like a kidsmells?  (kids meal)
How about a Ummm....that's supposed to spell coke.  :)  Your other choices are Sprite, Sunny D. or sweet and unsweet tea.  I asked how they did such a great job on the spelling and MacKenzie said,  "DEEDEE (with emphasis) we looked in the refrigedador (her pronounciation) HELLO!!! (where does she get her sassy pants from?).

Its hard to see in this pic but you can also buy a puzzle.
It's a 24 pc. puzzle and they said it was $1. for each piece.  These girls know how to make some money.

I'm thinking about our house addition.  I'm wanting it to be finished.
I'm needing it to be finished.  Messes drive me slap crazy and this is one hot mess!!!

What are we adding on you ask?
We are adding a guest house for my daughter, Taylor and her husband Nick.
They work for Disney and Taylor is also in school to be a teacher.
So while I disguise it as,
"I don't want y'all to move out and struggle."  
The truth is...I don't want my children to leave home. Like.ever. 

Trips!  I'm planning a trip to Texas sometime this month because my Nanny who is my only living grandparent isn't doing so well and I need to get on a plane and go see her... and while I'm there I'm going to eat at my favorite place of ALL TIME!  Taco Villa!
I took this picture last time I was there and sent it to my daughter, Britni to torture her.  Yes. It is that GOOD!  It ranks right up there with Whataburger! another one of my Texas faves. Any Texas folks reading? Can I get an Amen?

I would also love to go to Hawaii.  I have never been and I really want to go!

I'd also love to go on a Disney cruise again.  We took these sweeties two years ago and it was such an amazing trip.

even the big kids love it!

Have a GREAT week, y'all!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sight Words that Stick! Working on Fluency

I've teamed up with Stephanie Stewart from Falling into First to bring you this amazing resource. 

Dolch words are some of the most frequently used words in the English language. The Dolch words comprise approximately 60-75% of what is printed in almost any piece of children’s literature. These sight word sentence fluency cards cover the words on the Pre-primer and Primer lists. 

When you present sight words in short sentences rather than in isolation children are more likely to remember them because they develop an understanding of the word’s significance and meaning. Each sight word includes a picture to help give support to those who need it.

There are 27 pages of easy to print and cut sight word cards {3 pages per list}. 
Simply print on colored cardstock, laminate, & cut! Easy, Peasy!

We have broken the words into 9 colorful lists. There are 27 pages of easy to print and cut sight word cards {3 pages per list}. 
Included in this resource are:
*Covers to add to the card rings
*27 pages of cards for a total of 162 cards
*9 sight word fluency sheets
*Sight Words Fluency Data book for students to track progress
*Two other versions of recording sheets to tract data
*Powerpoint which contains EDITABLE SHEETS so that you can make it your own.

It's on sale for 48 hours and you can view it by clicking on the cover.

The Dolch First Grade words are coming soon!!

Stephanie also has a set similar to these for Fry Words (in case you use Fry words rather than Dolch words.)  She has some great tips for how to store and use these cards.  You can read about how to use these cards HERE.


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