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How to Catch a Turkey! Procedural Writing

I love doing procedural writing with Kinders.  
They always have the cutest ideas for How to do things.   We made a turkey and wrote about how to catch him.  
The example above says,  
First, you get a net.
Next, hide in the bushes.
Then, you catch him.

To make the turkeys use Crayola Markers to color a coffee filter.
Then use an eyedropper to drop a few drops of water on it to make the colors run together.

Glue the turkey body on top of the coffee filter and then
use scrap paper pieces to make his beak and feet.

This is the perfect writing activity to do this time of year because we are usually smack dab in the middle of our How To Writing unit from our Writing Through the Year series.  

Here's a writing sample from one of the Littles.
NOTE:  The typed words were added for the blog.
I don't type or write over their writing because I want them to know that I love and hold precious their spelling approximations!  They are authors and I don't want them to feel like I am devaluing their work.

I just love kindergarten writing. Don't you?

If you struggle with HOW to teach writing to little ones then you should check out our Writing Through the Year units on TPT.  Deedee and I have done all of the work for you.  From daily scripted mini lessons to anchor charts and rubrics.  We have used these units in our classroom for several years and we are amazed at the thinking and writing our students are able to do.

A Thanksgiving Feast of FREEBIES!!!

The more tools learners bring to the table, the more value they are able to take away...
In order for learners to take full advantage of the daily literacy experiences we provide in the classroom, they must be given access to as much of the "code" as possible, as soon as possible!  

Knowing 26 letter sounds and a handful of sight words doesn't get you very far in reading OR writing, even in Kindergarten!

Ask yourself, how much could YOU write about your favorite topic with only '26 individual letter sounds and 10 sight words' at your disposal? Not to mention trying to decode even the easiest, low- level reader?

No matter how many rich, literacy activities and experiences we provide daily for students in our classrooms, they are of minimal value to those without enough skills to fully partake in them!

Easy!  Just toss out some Secrets!

In conjunction with my guest posts here on Mrs. Jump's Class Blog, let's take a peek at some student writing from her Thanksgiving Freebie, Turkey in Disguise and see how access to the Secrets gives this awesome activity even more "instructional-bang" for the buck!

Notice in the last two samples above, the Outlaw Words, one and there, depicted as "mug-shots" for posting on the class Word Jail (the SECRET STORIES-version of a "Word Wall")  

The Word Jail is reserved only for words that truly are "un-figure-outable!" As the Secrets allow learners to "figure-out" (as opposed to just 'decode') most unknown words in text , there are still a small percentage of words (mostly the high-frequency, one syllable sight words) that are simply "uncrackable!"  

These are the Outlaw Words and they are the only words that we commit to memory so as to recognize by-sight!  Kids love discovering and capturing them throughout the day in environmental print as well as during instructional time when working with text! (For more on this, click on the  text links above.)

You can download FREE Mrs. Jump's Turkey in Disguise, as well as A Secret Stories Sampling and SECRET Writing Pack below!  
Turkey in Disguise 

SECRET STORIES Graphic-Anchor Mini/ Sample Set
SECRET STORIES "Good Writers/ Zookeeper" Pack 
(includes VLOG-link!)
Mrs. Mac's Class & the SECRET STORIES
Mrs. Mac's students, looking up the "ie" Secret in the SECRET STORIES book!
(Mrs. Mac hadn't shared that one yet, but the kids said they needed it NOW!!!)

I received the series of short video clips from Mrs. Mac and her class on Halloween, along with the very excited caption- "And we have READERS!!!" 

Discovering the "ce" Secret!
Discovering the "er" Secret!
Discovering the "gh" Secret!
Discovering the "al" Secret!
And here are a couple more Thanksgiving-freebie that I wanted to share in time to use with your class before Turkey Day...

If you've been following my RED DIAMOND Pinterest Boards, you may have snagged them over the weekend, but if not, here's your chance! The first is the popular Thanksgiving Turkey Mini-Unit from the The Bag Ladies (a.k.a. Karen Simmons and Cindy Guinn) and is one of my favorites!
The Bag Ladies FREE "Turkey Project"
The second is a very special Thanksgiving story by Michelle Condon, entitled Grandma's First Thanksgiving.

This book retails at bookstores for $20, but is being made available to teachers as a free download to share with their classes for the Thanksgiving Holiday!
Grandma's First Thanksgiving
A limited-time, Free Digital Download
This beautiful story provides the perfect springboard into many of the concepts covered in the Common Core, and includes a special "teacher-piece" with talking-points for class discussion and/or written response. Once you've shared the digital copy with your students this Thanksgiving, I know that you will want to add the published version of this wonderful book to your teacher-library! You can get more information on it here.

And last but not least,  a very special freebie-surprise! 

This Friday, I'll be posting the latest SECRET STORIES Guided ReaderFarmer Gobbler's Birthday FREE on my blog!  If you're following me, you will receive notification when it's posted, but if not be sure to snatch it up quick, as it will be in the Free Download Window only thorugh the weekend!

I will also be posting the Free Download Windows on my RED DIAMOND Pinterest Boards!
Farmer Gobbler's Birthday- A SECRET STORIES Guided Reader
And don't forget about this month's Rafflecopter!    
a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway
Happy "Almost" Thanksgiving!
Katie Garner :)


Visit Katie Garner- Educational Author/ Speaker's profile on Pinterest.  

Book Talk Tuesday: Otis and the Scarecrow

Have you met Otis?  He is an adorable little tractor and your kids will love him!
In this series of books, Loren Long does a beautiful job of showing the students what it means to be a friend.  
Otis the tractor lives on a farm and the farmer has just introduced someone new... a scarecrow to shoo away the crows.  Otis and the animals go out to greet the scarecrow with their friendly smiles, but the scarecrow doesn't return the smile and his frown never leaves his face.  Eventually everyone stops trying to be friends with the scarecrow and they just leave him alone.
Then one day, when it is cold and rainy Otis and the animals snuggle close and play Otis's favorite game; the quiet game.  It's hard for the animals to sit still so soon they are laughing and giggling and basking in the warmth of their friendship.  During this time Otis looks out and sees the scarecrow standing all alone and he realizes that sometimes you have to be the one to reach out and be a friend no matter what.  So he and the animals go out into the field and snuggle close with the scarecrow.

This is a wonderful book about compassion and doing what's right.  The perfect fall book and a springboard for character lessons in the classroom.  


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