Monday, January 17, 2011

Popcorn Words!

I just finished the Popcorn Words Set 3 Resource for Word Work and it is ON SALE 20% off until Friday.

Here's the description: This is a comprehensive packet for teaching sight words. This packet includes 8 weeks of activities. Included are: Weekly flashcards to print and send home, word work activities, Race to the Top dice game, Read,Build, Write sheets, Sentence Doctor mixed up sentences, SNAP! Popcorn word game, Bingo game template and assessments to send home for home/school communication. Also included are sign language popcorn word cards. This is an excellent resource for literacy centers and Daily 5 Word Work. Includes 70 pages. Here's what teachers are saying about the popcorn words resources:
Mrs. Jump's Popcorn Words Activities for Centers and Daily 5 Work is such a wonderful resource. It's components (to name a few) - sight word card black lines, tracing and reading words/along with a simple sentence for using the sight word in context, building words,and the Popcorn Words Assessment is an ALL-INCLUSIVE package not only for the teacher but for students as well. It keeps student learning authentic and accountable. Definitely one of my favorites! Thanks for the feedback! Deanna Jump


  1. Hello! Thanks for the follow. I appreciate it. :)

    I {LOVE} your materials! You have given me so much inspiration. Great blogs like yours are a treasure to me, as a new teacher.

    Thanks a ton!

    ~Mrs. Beck

  2. Hi Deanna - I love your Blog and now my son's Kindergarten teacher is reading as well. I am starting a MAT program in the fall and I would love to teach Kindergarten eventually. In 2 years my kids will be 8, 6 and 4, so it will be exciting to start a new career, although I am nervous to juggle it all again. In addition to your great posts, I'd love to hear more about your teaching history and advice for new teachers or new K teachers. Also, I've always been interested to know more about your daily schedule. You seem to accomplish so much! Thanks, Karen



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