Monday, May 23, 2011

Oceans of Fun!

We have been learning a lot about ocean animals.  We learned all about different types of sharks and we decided that we thought the Great white Shark was the most interesting.
We labeled the parts of a shark.

This is our schema chart based on an idea from Debbie Miller.

We made sharks and orca whales and then sorted the information we learned by using a venn diagram.

A close up of some of our shark and whale writing.

Our crabs and crab writing.

If y'all are looking for an adorable story to read, Pout Pout Fish is it!  We fell in love with this story.  The kids wanted me to read it over and over.  If you read it you might want to try using the voice of Eeyore for the Pout Pout fish character.  :)   After reading the story a GAZILLION times we did a directed drawing of the main character and then wrote about our text to self connections.

To end our unit we had a Pirate Party!  One of my favorite activities was brought on by a comment to my Pirate post by Emily (I'd love to know your last name so I can give you credit).  Emily told me about a field trip she took with her kids.  They learned why pirates wore an eye patch.  I did a little research and was even able to find a myth busters episode on Discovery Education that covered this topic.   We started out by making our hypothesis and then I gave each child a patch to wear and we turned out the lights and made the room completely dark.  We then quickly moved the patch over to the other eye and gues what????  We could see immediately!  Oh, my word!!!  How cool is that!??!!
These are our pirate shirts we painted for our special day.

We ate octopi.  :)

Yummy pirate cupcakes!  ARGH!
We only have two more days of school left.  YEE-HAW!!!

If you're like me you are already starting to plan for next year (Do we ever take a break?) :)
This unit has some of my favorite back to school activities.

Many of you have asked for my book bin labels so I'm including them here as a free download.
Click on the picture if you want to download them. 

I'm working on my Back to School unit.  Hopefully I will have it finished in a few weeks.
Enjoy your sweeties!  Summer is almost here! :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ocean Unit Posted

I finally finished my Ocean Unit!  If you are interested you can view the unit by clicking on the picture below.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ahoy Mateys! Pirate Fun!

Oh, my word y'all we get out of school in two weeks and the kids are CRAZY ready!   I am trying my best to keep them engaged in learning and not pull my hair out.  :)  We started our pirate unit last week and I was amazed at the change in behavior.  They LOVED this unit and their behavior was AWESOME!
This has by far been my favorite unit!  The kids have been so excited about reading and writing stories about Pirate adventures.  There are so many great children's books to read with this theme.  I think their favorite story was the one I wrote for this unit. It is pretty darn adorable, if I do say so myself! ;)   We read it each day for Shared Reading and by the end of the week they were doing their own Reader's Theater plays on the playground.  Almost all of them knew the entire story by heart.  LOVE it!  :) Here are a few random pages from the story I wrote. ( I really love having a smartboard because we can write right on top of the words.)

We did a Fair Share math lesson using pirates and gold coins.  First we shared our gold among two pirate friends...

Then, we added a third friend to see how we could share the gold. 

After we worked on this several times together I gave them all workmats, a recording sheet and gold
(Corn Pops cereal).  This activity isn't included in my unit but if you click on the picture below you can download the workmat and recording sheet. 

This is another fun math activity we did this week.  They worked in teams to see who could build their pirate ship first.  (this one is included in my unit) 
And my favorite activity of all was our Pirate Glyphs.  I love how each one seems to have its own personality.  We made the glyph based on their answers to a few questions then we analyzed the data and created a graph. 

If you want to check out the unit you can click on the picture below.

P.S. Many of you have emailed me asking about my Ocean unit.... I promise I'm working on it! :)  This is a large unit because we use it for Open House so I am trying to pack it full of all of the cool things we do.  I hope to have it finished by tomorrow.  So Sorry! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ahoy Me Hearties! Sale Extended One More Day for 20% off

UPDATE- I know a lot of you had problems making purchases this evening due to so much traffic on the site.  Just wanted to let you know that Kim and I have extended our 20% off sale for one more day.   So sorry I know that it can be frustrating!  Can you imagine hundreds of people trying to go through the checkout line at Target all once???  Whew!
It be a day for showing all of ye landlubbers how much we appreciate you!  My friend Kim Adsit and I have both put our entire stores on sale for 20% off to match the sale that is already happening at Teachers Pay Teachers.  So when you use the code TAD11 you will get 40% off!!!  AARGH!  Ye can't beat a deal like that!  The sale will last until midnight on Tuesday.  You can find our stores by clicking on the links below.
And if you want to get my new Pirate unit you can click on the pirate captain above.
As an added bonus we've also added some free treasures below.  Have a GREAT DAY Mateys!
Deanna Jump's store
Kim Adsit's store

We Aargh Readers literacy center
Teacher Planning Calendar
Kim's Watch Out Fish! Sight Word game
Kim's Hiss ABC game

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Goodies Coming Your Way!

Some days we walk into our classrooms and feel like a princess (or prince).  Our royal subjects are ready to listen and follow directions and they are eager to learn!  And then reality sets in.... and some days we feel like a frog!  Well Tuesday is your day to feel like royalty!  It's Teacher Appreciation Day and I hope that you guys know how much I appreciate you!  On Tuesday be sure to check in for lots of free downloads to help you get ready for next school year as well as a sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.
P.S. I couldn't resist slipping in a picture of my little princess.  My daughter Taylor had Senior Prom last night.  sniff, sniff


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