Tuesday, February 7, 2012

America Unit Part One

I love how cute the bald eagles turned out!  This is a picture of our Chit-Chit message.  These messages are how I teach and review phonics, reading and language skills.  There is no better way to teach letter sounds and sound chunks than in the context of authentic reading and writing.  We read a sentence just as it is written and then use our schema and other context clues to help us figure out what would make sense in the sentence.  Once we think we have it figured out then we stretch the words and write the missing sounds.  I always end the message with a question so that the kids can turn and CHIT-CHAT with a partner about what they learned.  

Statue of Liberty's 
I am amazed at how good these turn out every year.  They are little artists!

This is a copy of how I organize and teach my America unit.   


  1. I totally love this unit on TPT! We completed many of the activities last week. :) THank you for sharing your hard work.



  2. I also adore this unit! And have used it a LOT (and blogged about it:-) during the past months.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  3. Bought this unit last year and loved it. I am going to have to download the new things that you added to it this year!! Can't wait to use it next week!

  4. I am sitting here this evening getting my lessons figured out for the next two weeks. This is an amazing unit and can't wait to get it started. Thanks so much. Your creativity continues to amaze me with each unit I use!!!

  5. This is great! I quite agree...teaching language in context is the best way to teach reading and writing!

  6. I absolutely LOVE the eagles! Cute!

    The 3AM Teacher

  7. I started using your Chit Chat idea in my class about a month ago and my first and second graders LOVE it! I'm glad you mentioned that you just have a question at the end for them to talk about... I had been writing questions at the end and then writing answers and that was getting a little tedious, plus they would lose their focus while I was writing their ideas!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  8. In the midst of your amazing unit, so amazing!

  9. Thanks for these great ideas we have the same unit coming up!


  10. This is amazing! I'm off to purchase another one of you units. I just love the bald eagles!

  11. I bought this last year, and used the entire unit!! I am starting next week, I can't wait.

  12. Adorable! Wish you came out with a Canada unit! HA!

    Ѽ Alessia
    Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class

  13. My class and I LOVE these lessons and activities!! Thanks for sharing.


  14. Thanks for sharing! Love the ideas to spice up social studies

  15. Love the eagles. We have a few places we can go see them, but I never thought of making them this way!

    I'm having a giveaway
    - Lisa
    a teachers bag of tricks

  16. I have this unit and can't wait to start after V-day! I LOVE it!

  17. I had my kids draw the Statue of Liberty today...they all came out adorable! Plus, they were really concentrating the whole time...aka...working quietly! This unit is fabulous! Thank you!

  18. I bought your unit last year and am looking forward to using it for the first time in about a week! Thanks for all you do!

  19. We were learning National symbols this week and really enjoyed incorporating your ideas. They were very proud of their Lady Liberty's. Our discussion about her so much better after drawing her. They were really looking at the details of the statue. Now, Bald eagles... hysterical- they would NOT allow me to hang them up! Now I had already snatched their statue drawings/writing to hang in the room, BUT they loved their eagles so much NOONE would give them up! It was a BIG ta-do, how I Always take their work and they said the just would not do it this time! Now that is ownership :) Thanks for making school fun still. Ps My principal did a tour with a new family in the middle of the Statue of Liberty drawing. About half were in seats the rest on the floor in front of me (blocking all access to my room-oops) and I just got "Big eyebrows" from her. mmm yeah we weren't in reading groups, but I had 18 engaged learners!

  20. Deanna, I love your products and your blog so much!! Thank you for giving me so many ideas to make learning fun!! I have used several of your units this year and it has changed the way I teach Kindergarten! I am so excited for your Dr. Seuss unit! :)
    Rachel :)

  21. So pumped! Starting this unit this week. My ALL time favorite one of yours! Yippee! Wait... I think I have said that before...

    Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

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  23. Wow! So awesome...love all the craftivities. Thanks for being an inspiration...love your chit-chat charts. I'm just getting going with this whole blog thing, but featured you to my whole (8) readers! ;) hope that's ok!


  24. I love all of your fabulous ideas! I've tried a lot of your great lessons and activities this year since it's been my first in Kindergarten. I'd be so appreciative if you could stop by my new blog and link up to my very first linky party!

    Teaching with Grace

  25. I love to visit your site! Do you create your own smartboard activities? I am new to using a interactive board. Have you considered sharing some of your lessons? Thanks

    Fantastic First

  26. I did a few activities from the unit this past week, and I'm doing more next week - can't wait!

  27. Love your units! His one looks fantastic! Your plan is nice and clear! Thank you!


  28. I LOVE this unit! My kiddos loved making the bald eagles. You MUST come by and see the Liberty Bell's we made...they are beyond precious!

    Thank you for not only blessing me but my kiddos with all of your wonderful creativity!

    Heather's Heart

  29. Love the eagles! We are making them next week. Every late winter/spring my kindergarteners and I watch the eagle nest in Decorah, Iowa. Mom just laid her 2nd egg last night! You can view the live feed 24 hours a day. We tune in every morning with our Smartboard to check on them. I've decided to create an entire unit around it because of your eagle ideas. Thanks! Here's the link for the live feed. The babies will hatch in late March. Pretty cool!

  30. Such cute ideas... love your stuff! Just starting blogging, hoping to collaborate with some of you lovely teacher authors soon!!


  31. Did you see all the awesome stuff my kiddos made from your unit?! You must stop by and see! Thanks for making such amazing tools that are so easy to adapt into an everyday routine. You are a blessing to sooo many teachers! :)
    Eberhart’s Explorers

  32. I have thoroughly enjoyed using this unit to teach American symbols. I love how you included the organized chart of how you planned on pacing this unit. It was VERY helpful!

    Will you be creating a unit for Common Core's Unit 5 Our Big World (teaching the continents). We will begin this when we come back from Spring Break the third week of March. I was just wondering because I sure love purchasing your phenomenal products!



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